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I’m a wife, mother of three busy girls and part-time entrepreneur.  We are constantly trying to lighten our footprints on this earth and strive to live a simpler life, though we don’t always succeed in our endeavors.  I cook and bake a lot, eat seasonally, homeschool my children, garden (vegetables, herbs, some flowers and entering the realm of fruit), make soap, sew on occasion and always try to learn to expand my horizons.

I co-author a food blog with a good friend.  Its focus is intentional eating with an emphasis on local and season foods:  Mindful Plate.

About the categories:  I’m a homemaker.  I spend much of my time around my house.  With that in mind, I set up the categories as if my blog was a virtual home and that will work for most topics, I think.  I’ll include descriptions of each category below, in case some of the categories are confusing.

In the House:

  • The Apothecary Room:  soaps, herbal medicines, bath and body items
  • The Basement:  I don’t know what you do with your basement, but I put the things that don’t have a place in our home in the basement, so this is kind of a miscellaneous category
  • The Boudoir:  It’s probably not what you think.  I’m a pretty private person, so I’m not going to be airing what goes on in our bedroom.  This the category for personal things like natural family planning, menstrual issues, cloth wipes and other things that you wouldn’t necessarily talk about in public regularly
  • The Children’s Wing:  All things to do with my kids, including parenting and homeschooling
  • The Closet:  Clothes, shoes and accessories
  • The Craft Room:  Sewing and general crafting
  • The Kitchen:  Cooking, baking, meal planning, food preserving
  • The Laundry Room:  Laundry and general cleaning
  • The Library:  Book lists, reviews and geeky word things
  • The Living Room:  Chatty stuff that has substance, not the fluff miscellaney that would go into The Basement.  You know, the kind of stuff we would talk about if you came over and hung out with me in my living room
  • The Office:  Taxes, paperwork, computers, business stuff
  • The Workshop:  Building stuff and tools

Outside the House:

  • Our Town:  Events and places our our town
  • Outings:  This is pretty self-explanatory, right?
  • The Farm & Market:  Farmers market, meeting our meat and general information about locally sourcing food
  • The Garden:  That would be my gardens, both vegetable and herbal

Animals:  Our various animals and their antics


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