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Blueberry Season, 2010

August 11, 2010

This year has been a wacky weather year and has impacted agriculture in many ways.  It certainly messed with blueberry season.  The farm where we typically pick blueberries for free, by leaving half of what we pick for the farm to sell, had issues with fulfilling their orders and having enough ripe berries left for u-pickers, so we weren’t able to pick there at all this year.  That left me scrambling because, typically, the main season for blueberries is late June-late July.  With the help of Craigslist, I found a no-spray blueberry farm that is about 45 minutes from us right outside of Gervais, Or.  Millers Bluberries is a self-service u-pick farm and they charge a very, very reasonable $1/pound.  Their u-pick arrangement was very clear (which is not always the case) and they have a nice little map at the front of the field where they have highlighted the areas that are good for picking.  Their map was accurate, because when we go to the highlighted area, the bushes were drooping with ripe fruit.  We picked 28 pounds in just under 2 hours.

The fields are very well maintained and there is enough space around each bush to comfortably pick all sides.  The berries were delicious.  They have Ivanhoes and Berkleys, and other varieties.  The flavor was excellent on all the varieties we tried.  I’m glad we made the drive out.

Millers Blueberries

28 pounds of blueberries

If you are local to the Salem area and are looking for delicious, no-spray blueberries, I would definitely recommend them.  Here’s their contact information:  Millers Blueberries, 5816 Saint Louis Rd., Gervais Oregon, 503-792-3516.

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