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All the Way from France

July 18, 2008

I got to meet my an online/blogging friend for the fourth time yesterday. This one traveled the farthest…all the way from southern France. Riana from These Days in French Life, her husband and her adorable daughter came to the Pacific Northwest to visit family and she stopped in our little town to meet Angelina and me. Our families got together for a delicious mostly local dinner. There was pea shelling, chatting, frog catching, nosebleeds, potato washing, running, egg gathering, pasta making and more chatting going on.

I have to say that I felt really honored to meet Riana, because I think she writes such a compelling and honest blog about a radical lifestyle change that inspires me all the time. It is always a treat, but a bit surreal to put a real life face to a photo and blog voice and interact with that person. I did feel like a third wheel at times, but I expected that because I already knew that Angelina and Riana have so much in common not just in lifestyle but personality and history-wise. It was still a really great evening and if you can meet your blog friends in real life, it is an experience that I highly recommend. I’ve only had good times with the four that I’ve met so far.

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  1. Angelina permalink
    July 23, 2008 2:13 am

    You are not a third wheel! I’m happy that you could come and share in the evening.

    I’m only sorry that we didn’t break out your cherry frozen yogurt sooner so that everyone could have tried some. It was really good!!

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