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How Not to Candle Eggs

June 27, 2008

This first thing you should know about candling eggs to check for fertility is that you should never drop an egg. Of course, that seems obvious, but if you try to speed up the procedure and hold more than one egg, you significantly increase your chances of dropping an egg. And then if you drop an egg, your daughter might look at you like you are a cold-hearted killer who threw the egg on the floor on purpose.

If you do accidentally smash an egg, it does give you an opportunity to examine the insides of a fertilized egg. It is actually fascinating. I was hesitant to look at first, but seeing the blood vessels forming and the changes that the yolk undergoes, is really quite interesting. All the girls were very intrigued as well.

The candling itself was very neat. Through the light source under an egg, you can see the yolk through the shell, a large mass that wiggles if you rotate the egg. If the egg is fertilized, you will see a small mass that is darker than the yolk. Sometimes it’s a tough call and I didn’t remove any eggs from the incubator because I couldn’t bring myself to make that decision yet. I will candle again in a few days with a brighter (hopefully) light source and make sure.

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