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Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

June 26, 2008

Aren’t these some of the funniest mushrooms you’ve ever seen? They kind of remind me tribbles from Star Trek. They have these fine, hair-like fringes. When you cut it, you have a main chunk, with lots of loose pieces, as though you’ve just given it a haircut.

These are purchased from a new mushroom vendor at our farmers market. They also have shiitakes, maitakes and oyster mushrooms.

What I ended up making with these Lion’s Mane mushrooms is a Yukon Gold and Wild Mushroom Gratin with Blue Cheese. My friend gave me a giant chunk of blue cheese left over from a wine tasting (thanks Jacki!), so this was perfect timing to try the recipe, provided with many other mushroom recipes by the mushroom vendor. It was delicious. The potatoes were smooth and slightly sweet, the cheese sauce was creamy and not as tangy as you would think a blue cheese gratin would be. The baking and added cream really mellowed it out nicely. The mushrooms were earthy (I added some crimini to the Lion’s Manes). Served with a salad and bread it was a perfect dinner for a mild summer evening.

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