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Almost Enough Strawberries

June 25, 2008

But not quite. See that empty spot in the new freezer compartment? I think it could hold a few more bags. I think I will make another trip to the strawberry u-pick farm in the next couple of days. I’ll only pick a couple buckets this time. We’ve frozen most of them (with the exception of a good amount that sat out too long and got all mushy and bad this last time) and haven’t eaten a whole lot of them fresh. I was imagining buttermilk pancakes with a fresh strawberry puree and whipped cream, but that didn’t pan out this week. Maybe I can squeeze it in with the next picking. We ate some fresh, made one batch of smoothies and froze the rest. My frozen total is 26.25 pounds. I’d like to hit 30. I think that’s a safe number. You may call it greed if you like. I call it taking advantage of a local and short-seasoned treasure.

If you are tiring of strawberry posts, fear not, blueberry season starts next month.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    June 25, 2008 11:33 am

    Now don’t forget to leave room for the blackberries I am forcing into an envelope for you! Ooh! I need a bit of tape to keep the juice it!

  2. Lisa permalink
    June 26, 2008 6:49 am

    Lisa-Blackberries aren’t my favorite berry. I’m sorry to admit. We actually have lots of them here. They want to take over my backyard. But they don’t ripen until late July or August here. I eat some every year and have even made jam. I don’t dislike them, just don’t love them.

  3. Lisa permalink
    June 26, 2008 12:05 pm

    You know, they aren’t my favorite either! I just have acres of them on the property.

    I am going to try and sell as many to the farm stand vendor as possible this year. I’m still working on last years jam and have 3 or 4 jars left.

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