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Location, Location, Location

May 23, 2008

As an addendum to my post about walking, I should touch on the location of our home. We live in a small city or maybe even a town; I don’t know what the population differences are in the specific definition of each. We have a lovely, vibrant, historic downtown area.

In my past few weeks of walking, I’ve discovered what an ideal location our house is in. We are less than 10 blocks from downtown, which houses our farmers market, local health food store, post office, library, city park, our business bank, toy store and aquatic center. It also has an assortment of shops and restaurants which we frequent less often. We also have a couple friends who are in the near neighborhood.

In addition, we are within walking distance (though not as close) to our personal bank, Goodwill, Staples and another good friend.

We live in pretty much the perfect, central location on our town.

We have aspirations to move onto a few acres in the future, but since we live in town now, I am so thankful for our central location and the ability to get around on foot much of the time.

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