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Could It Finally Be Spring?

May 6, 2008

I think that spring may have finally come to the Willamette Valley. I’m not talking about the teaser days where the temperature spikes and then we have freezing rain or snow two days later. I mean days that stay reasonably warm (over 55) and shower-y days interspersed with dry days. We had great, dry warm days yesterday and today. I didn’t do any yard work. I think I have some sort of gardening depression settling over me. The time when I should have been feverishly working on the garden was too cold and winter-like, so it seems like it has thrown the gardening season off for me. Rest assured, I will shake it off.

I did enjoy the warm weather yesterday by sitting on the porch and sewing some buttons on work shirts that sat around all winter because I hate button sewing. It seemed more palatable to be taking the sun on the porch and doing them there.

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