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The Growing Challenge #8

April 29, 2008

I finally got some gardening in this weekend. We had great spring-like weather, so I got out there as much as possible. On Saturday, I mowed my whole front lawn (and edged a small part of it) and created some nice lawn clippings to mulch one of my vegetable beds.

On Sunday, I weeded some in the vegetable garden. This is the first winter after having started my version of “weedless gardening” and I still think it is mostly successful. I didn’t even get all the beds mulched last fall and it is quite noticeable which didn’t get mulched and which did, but there isn’t even an abundance of weed seedling in the un-mulched beds, though there were more. The biggest “weed” problem I have is straw or hay grass that I accidentally introduced with a bale of straw. It has inundated one largish corner of my garden despite repeated removal. The rhizomes are very long and extensive and difficult to get out completely. The roots break up the soil really, really nicely, but they also hog the nutrients and crowd out everything else. So, we removed everything we could see/get and just have to keep that up and hope that our hard work will prevail eventually.

I got some outdoor planting done, finally! I planted lettuce, shelling peas, snap peas, two types of onions, radishes, spinach and cilantro (I was thinking about you, Angelina, when I planted it). I was going to plant some parsley, but the stand I planted last year is still going strong. It over-wintered beautifully.

I think my snail repellent, made from eggshells is working! My comfrey is growing so quickly, and it had been eaten quite a bit, but after surrounding it with the shells, the bites reduced very quickly. Also benefiting from the snail repellent is my echinacea, which didn’t fare so well last year after the snails found it. When I planted the lettuce, I made a ring around each planting area to protect the delicious little lettuce seedlings that will pop out soon.

Photos to follow Tuesday or Wednesday.

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  1. Angelina permalink
    April 30, 2008 12:18 am

    That is so exciting about the snail solution. I want to start trying it too. You know, as soon as I have a garden set up!

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