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The New Urban Homesteaders

February 22, 2008

That’s the name of the Yahoo group I created yesterday. I’m not creative when it comes to naming things, so I decided to go with something simple and descriptive, but I think adding in the word “new” gives it a bit of a sparkle as opposed to The Urban Homesteaders. It makes it seem like urban homesteading is an art that is recently having a resurgence. This might be the case, but I know the term “urban homesteading” is pretty new. I mean, geez, Yahoo didn’t even have a category for urban homesteading; I had to put it in homemaking.

So, if you’d like to join and contribute to the group, you can join at this link:

I’m envisioning databases with local u-pick farms, suppliers (like the best place for bulk herbs or essential oils), recipe files, and, of course, plain old emails exchanging information. Feel free to forward the link to like-minded people if you think they would be interested, because I’d love to see an active resource like this and haven’t quite seen it yet.

Oh, one more thing. I’m not limiting it to a local group right now, I’d just like to see participation for now and then chart the course as we go. It may become a local group just because that is who is interested, but why leave others out who may have valuable information to contribute just because they don’t live in our area?

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