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Mini Quiche and Massive Kicks

February 18, 2008

Isn’t this just the cutest little quiche you’ve ever seen? It’s a single serving size in a kid’s cooking set that Isabel used a Christmas gift certificate to buy at our local toy store, Hopscotch. She has been dying to use it and hasn’t gotten the chance until today. It is a darling blue and white ceramic dish, though you can’t tell from the photo.

Here’s Maddy doing her tae kwon do form (hyung) in competition yesterday.

And here is one while she is sparring in competition. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t medal as well as she would have liked to or as well as she has in previous years. She had fun, it is a friendship tournament after all, but she was also disappointed.

I can’t remember if these were taken before or after I dropped my phone in the toilet.

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  1. Mysti permalink
    February 18, 2008 2:30 pm

    Dropped your phone in the toilet? GASP!

    The quiche looks yummy, and Maddy looks focused. LB used to take Kendo but has now decided he would like Taekwondo so we’re looking into it right now. I grew up with 2 boys who owned their own studio when we were in Junior High. They were also registered with the local alw enforcement as “Lethal Weapons” which basically prevented then from fighting. EVER. The people who thought they could take advantage of that.. Shesh.

  2. Evelyn permalink
    February 18, 2008 2:47 pm

    The quiche looks wonderful. Maddy does look very focused. She also is starting to look sooooooo grown up. I am glad she is still enjoying it.

  3. Angelina permalink
    February 18, 2008 5:57 pm

    The quiche looks so good! What fun and can I come over to eat some of Isabel’s food? The dish really is sweet.

    I’m sorry Maddy didn’t place as she hoped but she still looks like she’s doing great. So maybe next time she’ll do as well as she hopes.

  4. Lisa permalink
    February 19, 2008 12:54 am

    Mysti-Maddy has been taking it for almost 3 1/2 years and she really enjoys it. She’s getting rather close to getting a black belt.

    Mom-The quiche was good, except the big one could have used a few more mintues in the oven. It was a leek and mushroom quiche.

    Angelina-You can come over and eat our food anytime!

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