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The Importance of the Perfect Cup of Coffee

January 7, 2008

Or “How to Start the Morning Off Right”. Either title would work. I am very particular when it comes to my morning coffee, if I am at home. It is a part of my routine that I like to get right. When the coffee is as it should be, the morning starts out well. When it isn’t, it is just a disappointment, a real disappointment. Lawrence is such a wonderful guy for continuing on his quest of getting it right, when I wouldn’t blame him if he threw in the towel and let me do it myself if I want to be so picky.

I haven’t always been so particular. I would have to say that it has really gotten bad since we started brewing with our French press. After I figured out the right ratio of water to coffee, and the figuring took some time, it became immensely important to do the right steps and the right amount of time, followed by the right amount of dilution with boiling water and then the right amount of sugar, cocoa, and half and half. I usually add a little squirt of whipped cream to top it off. I like my coffee strong. That’s something that I like no matter where I am, but I am really only really picky at home. I’m also one of those people who drink it for the flavor, not the buzz. I could seriously drink only decaf and it wouldn’t bother me.

Lawrence has been teasing me about my affliction for some time. Now, however, I have found that he has an affliction as well. He is likes his tea brewed very specifically. I’m happy to do it his way, because I know the disappointment of a poorly prepared cup of coffee. He is also on the quest to find out how one of our Iranian friends prepares tea. Our friend seems rather secretive about his method, so Lawrence hasn’t picked up the tea recipe or method. So, I am hunting to find an authentic Persian tea preparation instruction. Anyone know how to make Persian tea?

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  1. Angelina permalink
    January 7, 2008 2:46 am

    I don’t know anything about Persian tea preparation but it sounds really interesting! I wonder why the secretiveness? It sounds like a worth quest for this year.

    I like my coffee just so too. I like mine a little weaker than yours, though still strong. I like my coffee to have a clear and mellow flavor, not bitter, because I prefer to drink it black.

    Since I mostly drink decaf now I don’t really notice when I haven’t had any caffeine on the very rare occasions I don’t have any coffee in the morning.

    It’s just as well because I like to drink between two and three cups of it in the morning.

  2. Evelyn permalink
    January 7, 2008 3:46 am

    I am with you on this one! I am very particular about my coffee. Mike and I have a deal. He gets the coffee pot ready at night and I get the coffee iin the morning, which I prefer, because then I fix mine just the way I like it, not too much cream or too little and not too sweet but just sweet enough. And when I buy my iced lattes I am picky about that too. I figure since I am paying for it I would like it the way I enjoy it. And nobody seems to mind fixing it that way for me.

    So all I can say is, enjoy it the way you really like it.

  3. Lisa permalink
    January 7, 2008 10:34 pm

    How glad to have my fellow coffeeholics chiming in with similar experiences. I feel less alone now. 😉

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