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A Few Sunday Ruminations

December 9, 2007

I think I’m going to have to paint my kitchen. Since we replaced our light fixture we have a rectangle of unpainted ceiling. I suppose I could just paint the ceiling white or something, since we don’t have any of the wall/ceiling colored paint left. I think I want to paint the whole room a new color. It appears that Lawrence isn’t going to gripe too much about any color that I choose, so the spectrum is open to me. There are a few colors that don’t interest me very much: pink, black, grey, white. It is currently a buttery yellow, but a different shade of yellow might be fun. Or orange. I never thought I would like orange but I’ve seen some orange rooms recently that look great. Red takes many coats but would look nice with my counter tops. Green is nice but, in my opinion, really hard to get just the right shade. Brown is probably too dark since it isn’t so bright in here. Purple-there was a dusty purple color that we painted the dining room at our now-defunct homeschool Co-op House, which I fell in love with. Blue is a possibility, but there are already so many blues in our house that I will probably pass. I’m reading a book right now called the Saffron Kitchen, it’s about a British-Iranian woman and her Iranian mother’s past. She paints her kitchen saffron in the book. That would be a beautiful color but I might just think that now since I’m reading the book and in the mood. See, obviously I can’t decide right now.

I have recently found out (again) how difficult it is to work on surprise projects when you have your children around all the time. It pretty much leaves early morning or nights after the girls are asleep to work on gifts. Early morning is blown if we stay up late or I have a rough night with one of the girls (usually Juliana); night is blown if Lawrence falls asleep on the couch before I come down, because he always wakes up when I turn the light on to get to work. So, I have serious doubts that I will get all three of my gifts done in time.

On Friday night, we went to a potluck bon voyage party for the couple that got married back in September. They are going to Mexico for a little while then down to Nicaragua and Panama and over to Hawaii. They will be volunteering at an orphanage in Nicaragua. They don’t have a timeline in place because they are just going with the flow and hitch-hike and catch boat rides as necessary. They are planning on being gone for six months to two years. We will miss them, because they are some really interesting, compassionate and fun people. They decided to do it at this time because they feel they are putting down roots and getting to know people and settle down and if they don’t do it now, they feel that they might never be able to do it as they become more settled and rooted. I can understand. Lawrence and I came to a similar conclusion when we decided the best time to move up here from NM.

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