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Two Sweet Little Dresses

November 30, 2007

See the dress on the left? This is a jumper dress that we received as a baby shower gift when Isabel was just a few weeks old. She wore it a lot when she was two. About a month ago while we were visiting a clothing consignment store in town, we found the exact same dress in brand new condition in Isabel’s size. I wasn’t planning on buying Isabel any clothing at that particular visit, but when it is meant to be, you just can’t pass it up. What are the odds that you would find the same dress in the correct size more than five years later? I’ve never seen any other girl wearing this dress, either, so it’s not like it’s immensely popular. I have always thought it was kind of cheesy to dress siblings alike, but I have to admit that it is kind of cute sometimes.

Just in case you were wondering, since it isn’t clear from the photo: They are a fine corduroy in navy with tiny little pink flowers embroidered and then three large pink flowers along the bottom. It has two suede straps on the left chest area; Juliana’s have faded from washing.

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