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September 6, 2007

I have finished my first batch of kombucha. I am chilling it right now, so I don’t know exactly how it tastes, because we always drink it cold, but from sampling it seems like it will work. The tea flavor seems a bit heavy so I may try it with green tea next time.

Here is a side shot with the baby scoby floating on the top before I remove it and start pouring.

Here are my mother and baby scobies all bagged up.

Here are the bottles of finished kombucha. Notice the flip top bottles, like a real pro, to keep all the bubbly in. I bought the large one from Goodwill only to find out after washing it that it really doesn’t seal well, so we will have to drink that one first. The green ones are Grolsch beer bottles, bought new from a local grocer. It was a real chore for Lawrence to be given the task of emptying them, but he is a trooper and he did it without complaining; nothing is too much for the sake of his family. Given that my large jar didn’t seal well, I think he will be assigned this particular job again soon.
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