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August 26, 2007

So do you want the good news or the bad news first? How about the bad…

Bad: Lawrence is working very, very long hours. We can’t hire an employee to ease his workload; we aren’t at that level of sales yet and we don’t have a big enough space for an employee.

Good: As of today, we have 15% more in gross sales than all of 2006. This doesn’t even include the big job for the beach house, because that hasn’t been billed out yet. He also has a guy that is working as a subcontractor for Lawrence when he needs him and that has worked out well enough so far for getting an extra hand for Lawrence.

Bad: We had to spend $1800 on a welder that we hadn’t planned on spending this year.

Good: On Friday Lawrence got a call from a business that was moving to a different location and selling their welder and needed it gone ASAP because they realized they didn’t have room at the new place and didn’t want to move it. He bought it for $400 and can sell it for $1800-2000, so it will offset our investment in the new welder. He can’t keep this one because it is for three phase power and we don’t have that.

Bad: Lawrence hit the tip of his thumb with a hammer yesterday and broke it.

Good: Lawrence has broken so many bones and spent so much time in the ER that he was able to diagnose it and knows what to do for it (apparently only splint it).

Bad: Juliana woke up throwing up twice last night.

Good: She slept after that and hasn’t thrown up this morning.

Bad: Lawrence is going fishing on a boat in the ocean tomorrow. He could drown. (I know, I’m paranoid.)

Good: If he is lucky, he will get a sturgeon or a salmon. He will also get to spend some guy time with some nice older guys. Since he works all day anyway, I can just pretend he is at work and not worry about his boat capsizing. He told me that he won’t drown. He will swim like crazy; he might have a heart attack from swimming but he definitely won’t drown. (Wait, that probably should have been in the bad news part.)

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