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August 3, 2007
Did you all miss me? Sorry I took a few more days off than I said I would.
The past week and a half have been an attempt to catch up and feel a little more control of my world. I received some fabulous advice from my cousin Cathy and while I didn’t follow it the way she advised, it was reassurance that another mom who always looks like she has her act together and has wonderful children (not that I don’t; I’m not saying that at all) has periods that feel out of control, too, and needs some regrouping time. That realization helps me to know that it will turn out okay; it’s just a period of craziness that we will get through. And we have. I didn’t get as much accomplished as I had wanted, but I did reorganize some of our “systems” and feel like things will be running more smoothly in the future and can already see some progress. Yes, I still have piles of filing to do and bills to pay, but my mind is much more clear and I have a clean downstairs bathroom and children who aren’t bickering as much and are being more cooperative. That is worth a lot.
Were you wondering what I was up to in the past week or so? I missed posting and for the first couple days when I made a good dish or did something of note, I automatically thought of taking a picture for the blog, but I needed to stick with my break and after a couple of days the need was diminishing. I did take some photos though and will share a few of our activities.
In the past week I have harvested Swiss chard, lettuce, green beans, broccoli, potatoes, summer squash, beets and one tomato for our meals. We attended one birthday party, filled Isabel’s birthday bin at Hopscotch*, went to a free Celtic concert (part of a weekly series of free outdoor concerts at our local college that runs through July and part of August every year), and picked blueberries again (for freezing this time).
Ironically during the time I was taking of from blogging, I got appointed as contributor for a new blog that Angelina is starting, which will be a resource for urban homesteading for our county. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to take part in this.
Unfortunately during this time we have also been dealing with the results of a friend who is going through some unresolved emotional issues right now. We have been friends with this couple for quite a few years and the husband has always been moody, but he is really struggling right now with resentment and anger at his current life situation and has withdrawn from his friendship with us and also told another friend (thinking that it wouldn’t get back to us) that he was planning on filing for divorce this past Monday. Not good stuff.
This was the Celtic group, Craicmore. Great music.
The girls dancing.
Look at all those blueberries just ripe for the picking.
My blueberry pickers.

*Birthday bins are a great concept, the child goes through the store (Hopscotch Toys) and puts whatever their heart desires in the bin and then when people come to purchase gifts they can choose something out of the bin if they wish, or relatives from afar can call and purchase something out of the bin and get it wrapped and not pay any shipping. It’s like a wish list, but so tangible for kids.

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