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A final thought for a short spell

July 26, 2007

The past couple of days have been a whirlwind of domestic and outdoor activities. Yesterday I went sylvanberry picking with Angelina and her friend Lisa E. (she’s now my friend too). The berry picking was a much longer endeavor than I had planned. We picked 35 pounds and went to Lisa E.’s house to can them (most jam, but a few jars of sauce). I had my first vodka tonic ever, yum!, and stayed out until 9:30 canning, with a quick run back to our town to drop Maddy off for a weekly play date (play date sounds so preschoolish, but it’s habit now, it’s really just a preplanned hang out time for her and her best friend, we alternate houses and thank goodness it wasn’t at our house this week) and then a poorly orchestrated retrieval of Maddy, actually a drop-off. We canned 57 half-pints though and Isabel has a new best friend, Lisa E.’s four year old daughter. They hit it off fantastically. This was not the best timing, however, since Lawrence is majorly stressed and preoccupied with the large job we landed not too long ago and didn’t really have the time to spare to spend while I was canning.

Today we went tangleboxing with Maddy’s best friend’s family (sans the dad, like in our family, they were bringing home the bacon. This was rescheduled once last week due to poor weather, otherwise I would have rescheduled today. Again, bad timing. Are you beginning to see a pattern? These were both really wonderful experiences and valuable in different ways to our family, just adding to my burgeoning list of things that I am not accomplishing around my house due to my time being spent doing other things.I really need to get things under control here. I feel like I started losing it right before my birthday and never got it back to status quo, which isn’t really anything to brag about, but this is definitely an unacceptable level. For example, I couldn’t let Angelina use our downstairs bathroom because the toilet is too disgusting and has been for more than a week. It still is. I am planning on cleaning that bathroom as soon as I am done with this, or should I cut the melons I bought last week before they mold…See what I mean? I have to straighten things out so that I can let my friends use our indoor plumbing without fear of catching communicable diseases.

For this reason, I will be taking a break from my blog until the beginning of August. It’s not like I post everyday or anything, but I do compose two or three times as many posts in my head than I actually post. I even have photos from last week on a garden post that hasn’t materialized. Taking as many extraneous things out of my head as possible should enable me to have a better chance at getting things accomplished. Now, if I could ignore my business tasks for the next week or so too, that would be just peachy. I’ll still be checking comments and emails though, I won’t be out of touch.

PS I forgot to tell you about the potluck we went to at our friends farm. They are in their first year of starting up a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm. Their progress was amazing to behold and the weather was gorgeous and their was music and food and drink and the sounds of contented children wandering the land and getting their hands dirty.

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