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July 11, 2007

Look at what I dug out for dinner on Monday night!

In addition to the new potatoes, I made beer braised chicken with fava beans. It was the first time that I have ever cooked or eaten fava beans. They were kind of fussy to make because you have to essentially shell them twice. The chicken dish was wonderful despite it being time-consuming. I didn’t take a picture of it because by the time it was finished it was late and I was just trying to feed the girls. The potatoes were also scrumptious. I steamed them and dressed them with butter, parsley, salt and pepper.
On Saturday we went to the Oregon Lavender festival in Yamhill. The faire itself wasn’t that spectacular, though I did eat some salad there with a lavender dressing and it has inspired me to integrate lavender into my cooking. We went to one of the local lavender farms that was open, however, and that was really beautiful. It is Willakenzie Lavender Farm. They have alpacas in addition their 3500 lavender plants. We cut a bunch of lavender and rambled around the property and then ran out of time to hit the other farm (Wild Rain Lavender Farm) that was on our list.

Anybody know what this plant is? It was so unusual I had to take a picture.

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