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June 22, 2007

This week has been a very hectic week. Maddy is doing the same art camp that she did last year. This year she is taking architecture for her morning class and watercolor for her afternoon. She is enjoying both of those and has a field trip to Portland tomorrow for her architecture class. Between ferrying her to and from class and arranging play dates for Isabel with another friend whose siblings are in the Art Conspiracy and Isabel also doing two mornings of adventure camps, we have been running to and fro much more than usual. We are carpooling with another family, so that decreases my trips by half. Thank goodness.

Juliana has been somewhat puzzled by the lack of siblings. She has been enjoying “me and you” time though. She has been my garden assistant some of the time.
My medicinal herb garden in the front is filling out nicely. My herbs that were affected are rebounding back from slug attacks for the most part and the others are acclimating and really growing fast. I added some new plants since the first planting: pleated horehound, arnica montana and licorice. I have a comfrey that is hanging out in the shade waiting to be planted.
I also got my bag finished. It is a messenger and I didn’t use any interfacing, so it is kind of floppy, but I wanted to whip it out quickly so skipped that. It is working nicely despite it’s flaccidity. I used it at the farmer’s market today and it was great. It has a nice summery pattern and holds a lot. Like sandals that my toddler refuses to keep on her feet. The strap is made out of 2″ wide, cotton webbing. I usually make self straps but they seem to get dirty so quickly and don’t wash well, so I tried this. It also made putting it together quicker.
With all this running around and desperate need for a bag I have fallen behind on my soap making. Too bad too, because I already have a buyer for my whole batch of unscented that isn’t even finished curing!
I have also scheduled my birthday party. Now I need to plan for that. Mom, I’m going to have to put you to work helping prepare!
I can’t wait for my camera to come in. Lawrence and I have been having some serious camera sharing needs lately. We are having slightly tense joint custody of it; kind of like a divorced couple splitting time with their child. Okay, it isn’t that bad, but I have needed it a few times this week and he had it. Come in camera…hurry!
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