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June 18, 2007

June in Oregon is strawberry season and we have only missed one year of picking in the past five or six. The weather was nice for strawberry picking on Saturday, cloudy a slight chill in the air, but no precipiation. Strawberry picking can be really hot work in the sun, so these were ideal conditions.

Not everyone has their own group of farmworkers!

This is the seldom spotted faceless strawberry wraith. Her mere presence invokes terror.

Our bounty of berries.

Isabel made this sweet, heart-shaped find and gave it to Lawrence on Father’s Day.

Lawrence had very relaxing Father’s Day consisting mainly of napping and TV watching. I made buttermilk pancakes with strawberry puree and fresh whipped cream with omelets for breakfast. For dinner we had grilled salmon and zucchini and herbed potato salad and strawberry cake with a lemon glaze and strawberry puree and whipped cream. Sorry for the lack of pictures, you will have to use your imagination!

Speaking of food. I think I have really had a breakthrough in figuring out some of Lawrence gastronomical dislikes in the past few days. He is not a good criticizer. If he doesn’t really like something I make, he won’t get seconds or will leave some on his plate, but he doesn’t gripe or give me reasons. This is nice in a way, but doesn’t help me understand why he didn’t like something. The past few days, however, he has verbalized why he doesn’t like certain things and I think I understand his thinking now. He doesn’t like too many foods in one dish, hence his dislike of casseroles. I am going to take this information and put it to use now. He always tells me, “Don’t worry, I’ll eat it even if it isn’t my favorite.” But he doesn’t seem to understand that my goal in cooking for all of us isn’t just to tolerate food. It is to enjoy it. All of us for most dishes. I understand that not all of us will love all dishes!

Also, I ordered a new camera. I decided on a Canon Powershot A550. It was a good, economical choice with the features that interest me and people I talked to seem to love Canons. The Sony Cybershot had a cute pink camera that I really liked but since Lawrence gets my electronic hand-me-downs frequently, he wasn’t too into that idea. I will be making a nice little camera cozy and maybe a messenger bag to match because I feel the need for a new purse/bag coming on!

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