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June 12, 2007

What do you do with a child who hates to have her hair washed, brushed or styled? Obviously you cut her hair or risk continuing with a power struggle and set up life-long hair issues that will surely result in blue tresses spiked into a mohawk or experimentation with vintage 80’s banana clips and platinum blond curls. Not having been fan of banana clips myself, although I will grudginly admit that I did have a few, I decided we should just do the cut. Luckily Juliana was very receptive to the idea of a haircut and sat reasonably still for a two year old. Still it was enough movement that I was starting to worry about my ability to get a straight cut. It turned out okay, though.

Pre-cut, she had hair well past her shoulders.

I actually turned out a bit shorter than I had planned, due to all that wiggling and resulting evening out. The funny thing is that this haircut suits Juliana so much more than her previous one. She looked so cute, especially with braids, in her longer hair, but her hair looks absolutely adorable now. She is so mischevious and full of life, that this haircut makes her appear more vivacious and aerodynamic. She also gets less food in it now.

Speaking of food. I did the most delicious thing to kale last night. I cut some potatoes into chunks and cut the kale into largish strips (after removing the stem) and boiled them all together until tender. Then I drained them and mashed them with copious amounts of butter and heavy cream and some salt and pepper. It was perfect. What? You don’t like kale, you say? It is admittedly, not a very sexy vegetable and frequently under-used. It is so nutritious and tasty, that you should really learn to prepare it in some delectable meals. Also kale is beautiful and bountiful at our farmer’s market now, so I will probably be cooking with it every week until its season ends. Lest you don’t believe me, think of this. I made about 2-2.5 pounds of potatoes and one huge bunch of kale and there is nary a bite left. The girls also thought it was great. Isabel had to recant her previous declaration that kale and potatoes were gross and she wasn’t eating any of it. She reconsidered after she saw her sisters devouring it and decided to venture a bite. She was hooked after that. You will, however, have to take my word for its shining virtues because I forgot to take a photo for you.

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