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May 31, 2007
Is it genetic, this entrepreneurial spirit?

This girls have been running their lemonade stand (of their own volition) for the past two days.

My roses are looking lovely. I planted these before I knew about heirloom or old roses and now regret not having any. These are pretty enough and “Gold Medal” smells pretty good, but I desire some old roses now.

“Gold Medal”

The weather has been really hot (for our area anyway) the past few days. Mid to upper 80’s wilts this lady. I love what it does for my plants, except the weak ones which die off. I’ve only lost one to heat and two to snails. Would you care to stroll a bit in the veggie garden?
The nasturtiums are up front with the beets directly behind and the carrots even further behind.

That little cucumber sprout is standing up proudly in front of the lettuces.

The cabbages are growing well.

The cilantro on the left will go wonderfully in some salsa later in the summer. That is flat leaf parsely on the right.

My new mocha soap. It smells divine (if you like chocolate and coffee that is).

I went power walking with Angelina yesterday. We decided to support each other in our efforts to get healthier. We walked around our local track at a brisk pace for 55 minutes and I felt great the rest of the day. I had lots more energy and got a lot more done since I was up earlier. We are going again tomorrow.

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