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May 30, 2007

Because of the chemical reaction in soapmaking, soap is a funny thing to make sometimes. You anticipate ending up with one thing and get something slightly (or really) different.

Yesterday I set out making a new soap. It was to be called Honey Oatmeal Spice. I planned on using cassia (smells like cinnamon) and nutmeg oils in it and honey, ground oatmeal and ground cinnamon, no colorant. I did all this and the soap smelled wonderful, so good that I wanted to lick it off the immersion blender. It didn’t look like what I imagined oatmeal soap would look like, because I was underestimating the coloring power of ground cinnamon. I decided to wait and make a decision after it had set up (as we know from previous experience, you can end up with a different color!). When I unmolded it today what appeared before my eyes resembled a spiced pumpkin pound cake, without the pumpkin smell of course. It is a lovely, deep, orange-y brown color. I am going to name it Honey Spice Cake because it looks and smells like a slice of spice cake. I think it might even be one of my favorites. It is also a little more unique than rosemary mint or lavender and I like it a lot for that reason too.

Update: Carrying the rack down to the drying area two slid off and dented their sides. AARGH! Oh well, those will be for our personal use. Glad I like them so much.

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