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May 29, 2007

Look what came out of our garden on Sunday! It’s always so exciting when you harvest the first edibles out of the ground.

We had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Two of our friends came over and brought their dog, Pepper’s buddy, Ozzy. We had a pretty standard steak BBQ with this for dessert:

It is a strawberry/peach shortcake with fresh whipped cream.

I went clothes shopping on Saturday and that can be a depressing expedition when you are heavier than you want to/used to be. I’ve not been a capri pants wearer in the past, but I decided to try them because I hate wearing shorts. My legs are too white and too large to nicely pull off wearing shorts. I bought a pair of capris last week and found them to be very comfortable and cooler for summer than long pants. So, I purchased a couple more on Saturday and a couple shirts. The driving force behind my shopping trip was the need for new bras. My nursing ones were wearing out and dropping the girls too low, so I needed some new ones (not nursing ones since Juliana isn’t nursing a whole lot during the day anymore). Anyway, I decided to measure myself and put it into a bra size calculator online just for fun because I’ve heard that most women wear the wrong size bra. I was confident that I wore the right size or the right general size. Boy was I wrong. Either my boobs have changed a lot since this last round of nursing, or I have been wearing the way wrong size for many years. So, my girls are nice and uplifted now!

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