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May 16, 2007

I am thoroughly disappointed with current mainstream media coverage of politics. I don’t watch cable news anymore because of the bias. It upsets me that a sector that should be neutral has become so firmly tucked into the pocket of big business and the current parties in power. A perfect example of this was the May 3 debate between the Republican presidential candidates. It was broadcast on MSNBC, I believe, and I wish I had watched it, but I didn’t. I meant to post about it some time ago, but had forgotten and my ire was reignited by an article I read today.

Now, I’m not a Republican and I don’t generally support Republican candidates, especially not a presidential candidate, but I totally would this next presidential election if Ron Paul got the nomination. Who is Ron Paul you ask? Well, you wouldn’t be alone, because the media has chosen to ignore Dr. Paul. This article will tell you a bit about Representative Ron Paul, but the biggest thing that has always impressed me about Dr. Paul is that he has been a critic of the war since its inception. He has always voted consistently against it, against his party line and has been outspoken against it. This should make headlines in itself in a debate, shouldn’t it? I respect him for not bowing to the pressures that so many politicians seem to ultimately succumb to when they reach Washington.

It angers me that he isn’t getting any coverage from the media. This travesty is a tactic that is used to keep people down who don’t represent what the powers that be stand for. It is the same tactic that was used in 2004 when David Cobb (the Green Party candidate) and Michael Badnarik (the Libertarian Party candidate) were not invited to the main presidential debate, despite federal campaign funding laws that says that they should have been since it was a federally funded debate; not only weren’t they invited to the debate, they were both arrested when they tried to enter anyway. Did this get any media coverage either? How can it be that the mainstream media has become so biased that it now has the power to sway elections in such a way by simply ignoring candidates with whom they disagree?

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