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May 15, 2007

I neglected to mention in my last couple posts that Lawrence and I actually had the opportunity to play several games of chess over the weekend. This is something that we used to do a lot in our first year of marriage, but after having Maddy became fewer and far between and really non-existent the past few years. Chess is a game that requires quiet and concentration to really enjoy and that doesn’t happen a lot around here. I got up very early with him on Saturday and Sunday, though, and we were able to play. I was surprised at the strength of my game after being out of practice for so long. I almost checkmated him on Saturday, but it ended up being a draw. On Sunday, he checkmated me, then on the second game, he really got me by fools mating me in about three moves. That tricky guy. The third game, however, I came back strong and checkmated him. This is an accomplishment because I have only beaten him a handful of times. He doesn’t let me win, which I appreciate because it has really forced me to improve my game. I was a poor player when we married, though I enjoyed it.

Yesterday was a warm day. We spent part of the day clearing out the Co-op/HEY house. We no longer have use of it as the caretakers are having it remodeled for her parents. We will miss it, but it was kind of a relief to have that responsibility taken off our shoulders.
Since it was a warm day, I made spring rolls for dinner, with deep-fried tofu and a cucumber and tomato salad. I think spring rolls are so lovely. Their translucent skin is so fascinating because it looks so smooth yet feels so rubbery and all the beautiful veggies are just visible. I’m not normally a huge tofu fan, but I do like it deep-fried because it soaks up all the delicious dipping sauces, like sweet chili, homemade peanut and hoisin sauces. Maddy is very funny because she is fascinated with people’s diets and how it really plays out in life. We know vegetarians, vegans and people who eat mostly processed food and she knows of raw diets and raw vegan diets. She was the one who pointed out that we were eating a vegan meal last night and that it was nearly a raw vegan meal except that the tofu and and sauces were cooked. This fact hadn’t occurred to me. She is very interested in the reality of what it would be like (though she has expressed that she couldn’t do it herself) to give up animal products completely. How could she live without quiche or cheese?, she wonders. I know I couldn’t do that, though I don’t disrespect the choice of other people to do it.

I took a few pictures of some of my garden beds for your envy delight.

These are beets on the left and the delicate green on the right is carrot seedlings. They are getting their lacy true leaves.

These are my broccolis in their grass clipping mulch. They don’t look so impressive, but they will be delicious and they haven’t flagged from the heat, which I was really worried about since they were transplanted only a few days ago. In case you can’t see them, there is one plant in each of the brown rounds.

Oh horrors!!! The snails have been munching on my peas. I looked in the bricks and only found one snail. Could one snail have inflicted all this damage? I need to remember to come out tonight and see if I can find a villain at work.

These are some of my purple potatoes. I have no idea if I planted them too close together, because I haven’t ever done potatoes before, but I think they will be okay.

Here are some pretty little flowers I planted in my hanging baskets last week. I think they are nemesia, but can’t remember for sure. Don’t you love the little electric car that snuck into that shot? In the upper left, you can also see one of the Sargent Cherry trees that the tree lady, Rose Marie, planted in our yard this year.

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