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May 12, 2007

So, my soap mold worked very well. The hardest part of making cold process soap is waiting the necessary 12-24 hours for it to set up. You just want to dive in there and pull it out and smell it and cut it. But no, you must wait so that you don’t ruin it. I waited 21 hours. That’s as much as I could stand. The soap was set up beautifully though and the mold make cutting so easy. Now, these lemon sage bars are onto the curing step.

Those two on the end are just some extra lenght that was left on the last bar. My measuring line that I drew in the cutting board was a tad off so there was a bit extra left on the last bar. Even with my measuring mistake, each bar is still about 5 oz. It loses a little volume during drying, so the cured soaps will be between 4 & 5 oz. I think I might cut the nicer extra bit into mini bars for samples.

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