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May 11, 2007
Well, the bad news is that I have spent almost no time in the yard this week, though we have been having perfect weather. The good news is that I got some other stuff done. I finally finished some new curtains for Maddy and Isabel’s room that I have been talking about doing for months now and that I bought the fabric for weeks ago. The curtains that were being replaced were, I believe, my first sewing project after we moved here. Really my first sewing project on my own. Maddy has hated them for years. They were a golden-y color with beehives on it because it fit in with the nature theme of the room. Needless to say, Maddy is really happy to have new curtains. She and Isabel chose (and agreed on) the fabric for the curtains. I used ric rac on the bottom hem, which I don’t normally do, because ric rac kind of scares me. The pictures aren’t great, but you can kind of get the picture.

The other thing I have been working on is soap! My friend Angelina, who owns the very cool Dustpan Alley) placed an order for 30 soaps to sell in her store and likely at the farmers’ market. So, I had to get real soap molds to make production faster, easier and better looking. Lawrence had promised, in the past, to make some for me when I needed them. Only, he is swamped right now, so I was planning in making them myself. After all they are basically boxes, usually wooden, how hard could it be? Well, pretty hard if your husband refuses to let you use his circular saw for fear that his wife will become an amputee. He asked his woodworker friend (Frosty, can you get a more fun name?) to build them for me. I gave them the interior dimensions and some basic idea of how they should be constructed and function. Lawrence surprised me with the first one this morning. I was thrilled at the speed in which it was completed, but I was, initially, less than thrilled with the result. It didn’t match the soap mold picture I had in my head and when that happens, I need a few minutes to come to terms with the fact that reality isn’t exactly how I had imagined it, and then I can get on with the task of looking at things practically. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as nice and appreciative as I could have been, because there isn’t anything wrong with the mold, with the possible exception of a feature I am going to test tomorrow during cutting and the fact that it is painted, and I really would prefer unpainted wood.. One of them had even thought of putting a handy little lip on it for cutting, something I hadn’t considered. It really is a fabulous mold, but Lawrence got the incorrect impression that I wasn’t pleased with it, simply because I needed to make internal adjustments. I felt bad. However, I did a batch of soap today to test that the dimensions are indeed correct and to experiment with cutting with a bracket that Lawrence added. So, Angelina, I’ve got your lemon sage soaps setting right now! Here it is before I put a lid on it and let it set for the next 24 hours!

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