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A Festive Weekend

May 7, 2007

This past weekend was one of the most social and festive we have had in a very long time. The two big girls went to a birthday party on Friday night and Maddy ended up spending the night. Lawrence and I just kind of chilled out with Juliana while they were gone and after picking Isabel up we made a 10:00pm delivery of some fabricated items for our customer who needed the items for chicken slaughtering early Saturday morning.

Saturday we had a Greek feast with our friends Angelina, Philip and Max. I taught Angelina how to make baklava and we brought a Greek salad. Angelina made some mouth-watering Greek roasted potatoes, a mushroom dish with tomato sauce and some asparagus. I can’t even tell you how delicious it all was. You will just have to try to imagine it and be jealous. See how wonderful it was?

The pictures don’t really do the meal justice.
Also included in the evening was a game of Scrabble that Max, Philip and Maddy started (with a little advising for Maddy from me) that soon lost Max’s interest and eventually Maddy wandered away to tinker with the piano and that left Philip and me to finish it off. It was deeply unsatisfying to finish someone else’s game and be stuck trying to win with their score, although Maddy did come up with some awesome words on her own (vizier! how great is it that she did that by herself?), but Philip has promised to play a game with me. I’m so excited! A willing Scrabble player. There was also much cooking and gardening conversation and local gossip with Angelina. It was a really nice night, which would have been even nicer had Lawrence shown up earlier. In his defense, he caught a nap between coming home to clean up and showing up at their house, because he has been having some insomnia lately.
Then we had a party to go to yesterday that really had me worried, because it was a customer’s party (the one that Lawrence did the artistic fence that had been crushed by a tree) and I hadn’t ever me the customers and didn’t know who would be there. It caused me some pre-party anguish, even on Saturday I was worrying about it with Angelina. As you all know, I am not the most outgoing person, which makes parties with strangers so dreadful. It turned out great though.
Our customers, a mother (we’ll call her W for privacy’s sake) and her mid-twenties son (N) are both super nice. They are both artists, she is watercolor, I think and I’m pretty sure he dabbles here and there. They live on a stunning piece of property. They have a couple hundred acres, right in town, or on the edge, I’m not sure technically, but they had the first protected wetlands in the state on their property (still there) and the area around the house is landscaped with small, private niches and a few areas of lawn. The son does vegetable gardening and fruit trees as well. The people were so nice and there were activities to do like croquet and ping pong, a bonfire in the evening with music and yummy vegan food, and all so casual. The funniest part is that almost all the people there are people I have seen around town. Starting with my favorite cashier at our local natural foods store (you remember her from my gripey post, she gives me a discount…), she’s N’s girlfriend! Then there is the waitress from our local breakfast spot. It really came full circle really meeting these familiar faces, not just interacting with them through commerce. (Angelina, I think I met the boy in the picture with Max from the Spring Fling post on your blog.) I also got to hear W sing Lawrence’s praises, which I already know, of course, but it is really special to hear someone else appreciating your spouse. There were also two other ten-year old girls that Maddy was so thrilled about and they all hung out the whole evening. Isabel fell in love with N’s girlfriend and glommed onto her, much like she did with Adriana at our family reunion in NM. I just realized it last night, that this is what she does. She doesn’t typically hit it off with other children; she is far more comfortable with adults and choosing one female adult in particular and best-befriending them. We are also getting in on the planning and testing of some cool workshops/retreats that W is going to try to implement for kids.
All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. This week’s weather forecast looks beautiful, so I will get lots of yard time logged. We are grilling some steaks and having a lovely herbed potato salad for dinner. We have enough work scheduled for the next month with jobs pending that will fill us up for three or more months. My dad’s health problems are mostly resolved and he is pretty much back up to par. We are in a good place right now.
I will post garden pictures and a baklava tutorial in the next day or so.
PS I don’t know why Blogger is taking out my paragraph spacing when I publish. I hope reading it does’t drive you as nuts as it does me.
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