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April 29, 2007

I never showed you my big, beautiful pile of compost that was delivered a few weeks ago:

It isn’t that big anymore because I have already used a whole lot of it. But don’t you think it is lovely? It smells wonderful, too.
I am so excited because I am about 95% done with that long bed that was infested with arum. You may recall that I mentioned it previously as the future home of some kind of fruit plant. I was going to wait to show it when it was entirely done, but it has taken so long and it is so close that I had to share the results with you. The only thing left to do now is mulch the second half with grass clippings. I can’t do this yet, because I just mowed my lawn a few days ago and it hasn’t grown significantly. I have really considered asking my friends who don’t spray their yard with chemicals if I could go mow their lawns for the clippings.

After. Sorry the light isn’t as good, but you can see that the unruly bay bush at the very end has been significantly trimmed. We can actually walk in the path now. I also removed the lone arborvitae that you see in the first photo. The long dark area is the unmulched-with-grass-clippings area. See the small glimpes of green in that area? You might have to make the picture bigger, because they are small. Those are my fruit plants. Do you know what I decided on? You’ll have to keep reading.

Before. This is a close-up of the arum infestation, next to a dead arborvitae: After. The same bed with no living plant life, except the little strawberry plants I put in. See them in their cute little nests? There’s two of them in this photo. They kind of blend into their mulch blanket right now, but they are there perky and happy.

I ended up choosing strawberries because we love them and they were also the easiest and most economical choice. No trellising necessary and only $7.98 to do the entire 35-40′ bed. They are the June bearing Ranier variety.

I also have seedlings of things I direct seeded into the garden. Here’s what has come up so far: scallions, beets, lettuce, radishes and spinach. I can almost see the peas coming out of the ground, too.

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