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April 16, 2007
I bet you guys are wondering what I have been up to since I have been neglecting my blog. Yardwork has been consuming much of our time. It’s that season you know. Look what we have accomplished with my garden.
Before (okay, this is technically mid because I just realized I didn’t take a true before picture, before I mowed the weeds down and this is just one Lawrence snuck in because he’s just sneaky like that):

After (sorry the light is so poor, but we got finished at dusk and I was so excited to share, also it is still only newspaper between the rows, because I haven’t added my path mulch; I’ll get a better lit one when I finish the paths):

Also a fun project that Lawrence finished about a week ago. This customer had a nice traditional wrought iron fence that was crushed by a falling tree in our December windstorm. The customer and her son are artists and wanted to repair their fence artistically and loosely use the shape that the falling tree created, so they had Lawrence shape it into a kind of wave. They directed and he did it, it was a true collaboration in which he was a medium for the art. I like to think of it like Whoopi Goldberg’s character in Ghost. Hahaha! Lawrence isn’t so fond of the comparison. Anyway, it turned out nicely, though the pictures aren’t great. The customer is planning on getting professional photos of the fence done because she was so happy with it; she even had an Easter party just to show it off.

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