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April 6, 2007

This has been a much better week. Besides beautiful, unseasonably warm weather I have a working washer and some yardwork done.

I should be adding more pictures so that I can see how far I am coming along with our wasteland of a backyard. So far in the past two weeks I have planted some thyme in between our back patio bricks, still have lots more to go though. I only got two pots planted and I have many more. The biggest accomplishment is getting halfway through removing arum and arum corm-infested dirt from a long bed that runs half the length of our side fence. I will be planting raspberries and maybe blueberries there if I get in gear and finish. I have high hopes that I will be able to complete it by tomorrow. Then I have to get in gear with mowing my garden, laying down newspaper, and placing compost and then path material (likely pine needles because I think I will have enough). The biggest thing holding me back has been waiting for our tax refund to come in so I can buy the big load of compost I will need, which I also need for the raspberry and blueberry beds. At the end of this bed is a big bay tree (bush?) that I need to figure out how to tame so it doesn’t block our narrow pathway. Any ideas?

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