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April 4, 2007
We read a bedtime story before bed most nights and have been reading chapter books for over a year now, following the reading selections at Literary Child. We are behind because we just finished the November selection. The book we just finished was Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.

This book has a special memory for me, because my mom took me to see the movie on which it is loosely based, The Secret of NIMH, for my fifth birthday. I had never read the book until now. The book was really sweet and interesting and the girls couldn’t wait to read more every night. This didn’t really jive with my memories of the movie, though. I had scary memories of the movie. I vaguely remember covering my eyes and maybe having to leave the theater once or twice-Mom might remember more than me. The book, however, isn’t scary at all, so I thought maybe my memory was playing tricks on me. Then we rented the movie from the library as a finale to the book. My memory was not failing me. The movie is pretty darn scary when there was not scariness in the book! They make the owl’s and Nicodemus’s eyes glow a frightening red as if they are possessed. They also make the rats seem mystical and somewhat evil, whereas in the book they are very intelligent and kind. Maddy was really ticked off that they were so different and even refused to watch any more of the movie, but then reneged and ended up watching it anyway-not without more grumbling. This is the biggest reason I don’t like to see movies based on books, but I do anyway, holding out the hope that this one will be true to the book. In the end, they always let me down.

Oh, and look at the cute Easter baskets I got for the girls:
You can get some for your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, stranger’s children, anyone, really, from Dustpan Alley. Hurry so that she doesn’t sell out (I think she’s out of the small ones, but you can double check) and so that you can get them in time for Easter!!!
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