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March 31, 2007

Yesterday was a good day. First, it was our one year anniversary of taking the leap from side-business to complete self-employment. Second, we finished installation of the gate project and left with a customer that was happy with us and likely has more work. Here is the culmination of months of work, not a great picture, but the best we could get considering the gate still isn’t operating due to things out of the scope of our work. (It is functioning, just not at the moment, because there is still a power supply issue that doesn’t have anything to do with us.)

We ended the day with dinner with our friends Angelina, Philip and Max. We had a Greek feast. I made tiropita, dolmas, Greek Salad and baklava. I’ve never made tiropita before, but it is very similar to spanakopita, but no spinach. I wasn’t in a spinach mood yesterday. I used a new recipe for baklava because the one I had used previously was too sweet. I know baklava is very sweet, but the other recipe was too, too sweet. I think the one I tried last night was just right. In celebration of our special day, Lawrence splurged on a bottle of wine from our customer’s vineyard. It was quite good I hear. I’m not a wine drinker myself so I have to rely on others opinions.

Now we are just left with the stress of lining up more jobs, but I suspect that is a normal stress that we will have to adapt to, a constant undercurrent of worry that will eventually become routine for us.

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