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March 28, 2007

I’m at a real low point today. This gate project is dragging on and on and it seems that anything that could have gone wrong pretty much did go wrong. We had to order a new circuit board for the gate mechanism last week. Hopefully it will be covered by the warranty, but meanwhile, to expedite it, we had to pay for it out of pocket and should receive a credit when they get the defective one back.

So, yesterday (or Monday, it is all starting to run together now) Lawrence gets a package from the gate company and naively assumes it is the circuit board and he tucks it safely away to await this morning when he is supposed to meet everyone involved with the gate (i.e. owner, high voltage electrician, low voltage guy, etc.) and wrap this thing up (really crossing fingers here). After a leisure cup of coffee and my morning computer duties, I remember I need to get something from him before he leaves his shop for the job site. I run like mad through the shower and get dressed in less than 10 minutes; I’m not exaggerating. When I come downstairs I see a note stuck to the front door. UPS attempted a delivery that needed a signature, a box from the gate company. My stomach gets a sinking feeling. I call Lawrence to verify if he indeed has a circuit board. He tears open the package to find a shiny, new keypad. What the %$#&! We didn’t order a keypad. And in my brief hygienic interlude the UPS man tried to deliver the one thing that we desperately need. So, I had to call the UPS center and beg them to have him redeliver or somehow get that package to me today and I am awaiting a call from our local UPS center. May they have pity on me and get that here today.

I realize that in the future, this will be a comedy of errors and we will laugh and reminisce on all the things that challenged us, many of which were out of our control. Right now though, it is an immense burden on our shoulders and the thought of having to reschedule everyone today because of a series of things that just went wrong, fills me with dread.

This along with our washer needing yet another, potentially difficult and costly, repair, and the fact that I set aside this whole week for yard work and garden preparation, yet I have only been able to put about four hours in (including the time I spent shopping for plants yesterday), has put me in a bleak frame of mind. Just when things are starting to look up, another wrench is thrown in the gears.

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