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March 22, 2007

Aye yi yi! These past couple of weeks have very stressful. We are finishing up that big gate project that we have been working on since Nov. It has been delayed a couple of times for various reasons, a huge unexpected delay over much of the winter by the customer and then some problems on our part and we are trying to finalize it. Hopefully by tomorrow installation will be finalized. We bit off a bit more than we could chew when bidding and designing this and on top of that priced it too low out of inexperience and desperation, really, because we had no other projects on the horizon. Really low from what we have heard from other people. Laughably low, maybe even as much as 50% of what another company would have bid.

The good thing is that we aren’t actually losing money as far as expenses that we have in the project; the bad news is that we aren’t making much for all the many, many hours of labor that we have put into it and our customer is cutting some corners on the electrical situation which is comprosing the operation of the gate motor. We found a low-voltage angel on Craigslist who came and helped us out of part of our hole today for an excellent, excellent price and is coming back for free tomorrow to test the incoming electrical line for our customer to try to convince him that it isn’t correct and needs to be fixed. Our low-voltage guy doesn’t want to charge us anything else because he feels so bad for what we are doing the project for. So, basically he is helping out of pity, but we are so appreciative at this point and just want to be done. If you are the praying kind, please send a few up for us. We need it.

Also my dad is having some health problems that need fixin.

And our accountant made a mistake on this year’s and last year’s taxes. I just discovered it. The good part is it will mean more money in refunds.

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