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March 16, 2007

I finally heard back from our dreadfully slow tax man. We are getting a glorious tax refund. Much larger than I had anticipated. I was hoping to break even at the best. I know that economically it isn’t the best plan to get a refund, because theoretically you could have been earning interest on that money and the government isn’t going to pay you interest for that loan…yada, yada, yada. It just feel great to not have to owe more taxes at this point.

Also, as per the comments on the last post, back to the drawing board with the yogurt. It didn’t turn out very well. Lumpy and yogurty in the middle, but milky on the outside. I used it in smoothies and pancakes and will try again to perfect this skill.

Also, Angelina asked me if she could link to my blog on hers. I told her that, of course, she could. However, I started thinking later that everyone on her blog list and on most of mine, too, have nice blog names. Now, “Lisa’s Blog” may be descriptive as to what it is but it doesn’t say anything about me and it certainly isn’t a nice or creative name. I, however, don’t have creativity when it comes to marketing and giving your blog a catchy name is marketing, in a sense. Do any of you have any ideas? I won’t promise to adopt your suggestions, but I will give them thought. They have to be better than mine!

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