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March 10, 2007

Yay! Two of my celery peat pots sprouted-just when I had given up hope and was taking the plastic protective cover off the germination container, I spied two miniscule little sprouts poking up and all was well with the universe.

Well, except for the issue of money. I have been giving it a lot of thought lately, because it seems that money is the issue on my mind more than any one other single thing. Well, that may be an exaggeration, but it is on my mind a whole lot more than it used to be. See, when we used to get a regular paycheck from an employer, I would worry about if we were going to have enough to pay our bills and have some extra left over. Having your own business takes money concerns to a whole new level. I have never thought of myself as particularly materialistic or money hungry, and I still don’t but one can start to wonder when so much of one’s thoughts is devoted to the almighty dollar. I think it is really unavoidable though, because all the responsibility is on our shoulders. We have to worry about making enough every month to cover our living expenses, worry whether our proposal on a job factors in enough to cover materials and a decent amount of money for the actual work being done, we have to worry if we have enough jobs coming in to pay our credit card bills (our only source of working capital and personal safety net), worry what our taxes are going to be and if we can afford to actually pay them. It is really a whole reality shift when you take on the task of working for yourself.

It gives a new level of freedom and satisfaction, but at the same time it adds a whole different dimension of worry, frustration and time consumption. Would we change our choice if we had the experience of hindsight? Absolutely not. We are just not people who follow other people’s rules very well. In fact, I told Lawrence that we really had no other choice but to make this work because there was no way he could go back to the workforce now; he really wouldn’t make a good employee now.*

While Lawrence may not make a very good employee, I discovered that I can make a decent fondue spread. I haven’t ever made fondue before, so last night was a little adventure. I made a classic swiss cheese fondue (gruyere) and a classic welsh rarebit. Our dipping morsels were chunks of roasted garlic bread, mushrooms, blanched broccoli and chunks of zucchini. Dessert was a chocolate fondue with pound cake, apples and bananas. It was tasty and the girls thought it was a fabulous experience.

*Lawrence makes an excellent employee as far as skill, competence, speed and productivity. He doesn’t make an excellent employee in the social aspects, because he gets disgusted by all the political machinations of working with other people.

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