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February 4, 2007
We have been pretty busy this past week. First is that Lawrence has finally finished fabricating a large gate that he has been working on since December (not full time, he has had other projects in between). He only needs to install it with it slide mechanism at the customer’s bed & breakfast. I will post a finished picture, but here it is before getting its paint job.

The girls and I tried silk painting this week. It was a fun and creative experience. Maddy is thrilled to do her silk painting kit that she got for Christmas from Nana now. Here are each of our pieces. Isabel didn’t create the design on hers, she just did the silk painting. Maddy created the design on hers and did the painting. I created mine as well, I was going for a patchwork effect, but it didn’t quite turn out the way I had envisioned. (Isabel’s is the round one.)

I finally placed a bulk food order with a company that I have been intending to order with for almost a year!
Maddy had another tae kwon do promotion. She earned her purple belt. She is more than halfway to her black belt. Here is the belt progression, white belt, white belt yellow stripe, yellow belt, yellow belt blue stripe, blue belt, blue belt purple stripe, purple belt, purple belt brown stripe, brown belt, then finally black belt. I’m pretty sure you don’t get a black stripe, you go straight to black belt from brown, I could be wrong though.

And yesterday we went to Angelina’s house (you will remember she owns Dustpan Alley) and hung out for a long time and chatted. She is a super-neat, quirky person (just the kind of person I really like) and I’m so glad that I met her. The other good thing is that she lives only about eight blocks away. The girls got lots of exercise playing with her boy and their dog. Much fun was had.

And last, we have a new obsession in our home. No, not a new health or food thing or waste-reducing measure, I know that would be your first assumption. No, no, no. This obsession is the girls’ thing, Isabel’s more than Maddy’s but both of them really. That would mean it is likely a movie or musical. The new music that has been gracing the rooms of our home and the sidewalks of our town is Phantom of the Opera. Each week, I peruse the DVD section of our library and this week I saw a copy of Phantom of the Opera (the one from two years ago). Wowee. We have watched it almost daily since Tuesday night. Isabel wants to marry Raoul and she will relate the sequence of the movie for anyone who wants to (or actually even if they don’t want to) hear it. If you stay in one place, you are fair game for the Isabel’s movie summary and commentary. She, by the way, feels so awful for the Phantom because his heart is broken since Christine doesn’t love him.
So, the goals for the next week:
  • Continue on track with Maddy’s schoolwork; we are finally getting into somewhat of a swing of things.
  • Get back into our schedule that we did well for about five days. Lawrence had to pull an all nighter one night and that threw things completely off. It worked really well for the five days we did it though. We all got a lot accomplished and felt better with the walk and/or workout and wholesome breakfast.
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