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January 31, 2007

We are the dynamic traffic duo, Lawrence and I. Having one out-of-the-ordinary traffic experience today would have been peculiar. Each of us having one must be providential.

Lawrence was the first to perform his heroic citizen traffic feat today. First let me explain our frequent traffic issues as related to our home’s location. We obviously live in a residential neighborhood, but we have a stoplight a few blocks from our house, so people speed up along our street sometimes far faster than 25mph. We also live very close to the high school, adding to our frequent reckless drivers. This is worrisome and annoying since it occurs on a regular basis. This morning as Lawrence was warming up his truck (parked on the street), a car sped past. He hopped in his truck, followed them to their destination (surprise, surprise…the high school) and parked behind them, waited for them to come out and then verbally accosted them. He told them that the speed limit is 25mph and they were going far faster, the teenage girl driver apologized and said that she was really sorry but she had been running late for school. He told her that he has small children and he doesn’t want to lose one of them because she is running late for school, that tragedies like that happen out of carelessness, not out of malice. He warned her that he will be watching and neighbors will be watching. Apparently she and her male companion were looking at him, by the end of the conversation, like he was beating a dead horse, but it *is* frightening to have cars whip by your house so quickly, especially when you have your little ones with you.

Then my turn happened later in the a day. After we left the house formerly know as the Co-op House, in Lafayette, we ended up behind a car that was weaving. I thought that it may have been because the sun was at a angle that made visibility an issue, so I followed behind them the few miles to McMinnville, because I was afraid to pass since they had weaved (woven?) halfway into the other lane a couple times already and made other cars slam on their brakes to avoid hitting them. After we got into town, however, the sun was no longer an issue and it was apparent that the weaving and now slowing down for no reason, was a real problem. I finally decided to call 911. They told me they had another complaint about the same car and in fact, an officer was looking for the car now. The officer was about 30 seconds away from us and my call led him to the driver. He pulled the car over right in front of me and later I saw that a second car was called in. I don’t take calling the police on somebody lightly. I think that we are far too burdened with senseless and intrusive laws. I do believe very strongly in personal responsibility though, and that kind of carelessness in certainly not responsible and potentially very dangerous.

I told Lawrence that if we can keep up this pace, we can eradicate all of McMinnville’s traffic problems in no time.

In case you were wondering what we were doing at the HEY House (former Co-op House) we were silk painting. More to follow on that.

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