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January 24, 2007

Yesterday in my search for a stack of books I knew I had stored away and now intended to post on, I had to wade through my eventually-headed-for-Goodwill pile. While I was there, I just decided to box it up and get it over with. So, I got rid of three boxes of stuff at Goodwill. It feels really good to de-clutter. I also found my books and posted some of them.

Since we were already at Goodwill, I picked up a meat mallet which I needed for dinner that night and a tablecloth that I turned into 16 cloth napkins today. I have been intending to make cloth napkins for awhile now. We use an unbelievable amount of cloth in place of paper or plastic products, but still use paper napkins. Now we can decrease that. The tablecloth was $1.99! That’s less than I would have paid for a yard of fabric. They are lazy napkins. I just cut them into squares and serged the edges. I also want you all to know that we have regularly used my cloth grocery bags since I made them last spring. It took a while to get used to bringing them with us, but once we got into the habit, it has been smooth sailing.

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