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January 21, 2007

I just joined Paperback Anyone else heard of them? One of my friends let me in on it and it is what it sounds like. You list books (they don’t actually have to be paperback) that you want to swap, you get credits, you browse the listed books and use your credits for books that you want. The only cost involved is the postage for sending the books on your list out and Media Mail is super cheap. I can’t wait to find some books that I want now. I already listed 10 that I have. Shameless request: If you at any point decide to join, can you put my name as a referrer? You get one credit for that. That’s one whole book! I know. I’m a nerd.

We have modified our breakfast cereal. Some of you may remember that I had been putting it in the crockpot the night before and cooking it so it would be ready for breakfast. Well, as I mentioned in comments on Adriana’s blog, I’m not a huge crock pot fan. Something about the taste or texture, didn’t sit well on my palate. Then I decided to try soaking and lacto-fermenting my grains, which I’ve known about, but never tried. Then I would cook it in the morning on the stove. The resulting cereal was dang tasty. Then I decided to toast my whole grains, run them through my grain mill and then soak, ferment and cook them. We had the latest incarnation this morning and I must admit that it is a beautiful, creamy bowl of breakfast yummy. Who knew that porridge could be so marvelous.

In case you are wondering what soaking and/or fermenting your grains is about, soaking and fermenting breaks down a naturally occurring acid that is present in grains. This acid can be difficult for your digestive system, if I remember correctly. Soaking and fermenting also makes the protein more bioavailable, to make the most of the food you are consuming. Adding a smidge of fat (in our case whole, raw milk, but you could add butter or coconut oil) will also make the protein more bioavailable. You may also wonder (or not) what mix of grains I am using. This week it is wheat berries, oat groats, barley, brown rice and millet.

In the past I have mentioned how we are not very scheduled people. I guess that I should have specified that when I said “we” that “we” meant the girls and me. Lawrence loves a schedule, he loves to wake up early and take advantage of the day. This lack of routine has been a real difficulty for him to adjust to as a self-employed person with no set shop hours. So, he asked if we could start getting up at a set time and he and the girls (mostly Maddy and Isabel, he is trying to avoid taking Juliana) would take Pepper for a walk while I use my elliptical machine while the cereal cooks or make breakfast on the days I don’t use my elliptical. The wake up time is now 7:00, possibly moving to 6:30 at some point, which means the girls need to go to sleep by 9:00. Now for some of you, this may seem like no big deal, especially if you have a regular job or kids in school, but for me (not exactly a morning person) it has been a difficult adjustment. The girls have been doing great with getting up, and fairly good about settling down earlier at night. I haven’t had such a smooth transition, but I’m working at it.

Now, I need to make the most of the daylight (as Lawrence likes to brainwash, er advise) and try to get a batch of soap made. Sorry Mom, I havne’t done it yet. I promise it will be today or tomorrow though.

Oh one more thing. I got a pot holder to match my apron! Whee! My new friend Angelina, who owns Dustpan Alley, where Lawrence purchased my apron, told me she had something for me at the store, so when I got there, she popped out a matching pot holder. She gave it to me because it had a tiny, miniscule really, flaw and claimed she couldn’t sell it (you’re not gonna make your millions by being so nice, Angelina!). So, if you need an apron, potholder, head scarf, or jewelry. You should order it from Angelina’s store. You will get high quality items that I’m sure you will love. And great customer service, I mean, she remembered which apron I have! Can you beat that?

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