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January 12, 2007

My washing machine stopped working the day before last. This is not a good thing when you cloth diaper and are potty-training two kids. Incidentally, it broke during a load of cloth diapers. Aargh. Waiting for the part to come in now. This also means we are using disposable training pants right now, which I really hate. I cringe everytime I throw one away.

You know that you have older appliances when you have fixed the following in the past two years: furnace, ice maker, washing machine water inlet valve, and now the washing machine motor area. I have become our resident appliance specialist. I fixed all the above problems with no service call. Lawrence has done the bulk of the work for our current problem, with me troubleshooting the problem on line. It has been a pain. The whole metal casing has to be removed for this repair! The control panel on our dishwasher has been on the fritz for the past several weeks, too, so I see another repair issue looming. Hey, it’s a lot cheaper than calling a repair person or replacing the machine.

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