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R.I.P Beloved Cedar

December 15, 2006

You may have read on the news that we had a nasty, strong storm blow through last night. We did. It was really bad.

You may recall that we had to have some trimming done on our cedar earlier in the fall. Sadly to say, she didn’t survive the storm. The strong winds toppled the 70 foot beauty. Luckily, it fell in the best direction that it could have-towards the house that is farthest away. It appears that it has only damaged the fences on the three or four properties and the power line that it is leaning upon. I am so glad that it didn’t hit anyone’s house.

It was crazy last night. With transformers blowing and power lines coming down a few blocks away with the accompanying popping and lights, sirens blaring and then later in the evening, fire trucks, power company trucks and backhoes slowly driving through the neighborhoods looking for anything really amiss. I am glad that things are calmer now. I’m also glad that we have power and didn’t even lose it last night. Not so for hundreds of thousands of other Oregonians and Washingtonians.

I will post the demise of our tree when I get my camera back from Lawrence.

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