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December 4, 2006

Some of you may remember my experiment with practicing elimination communication with Juliana. When I started slacking off and eventually stopped pottying her and cuing her, I felt like I had failed.

Due to some bad diaper rashes lately, I decided to start introducing a potty again. She is picking it up beautifully. She lets us know when she is wet frequently now and if we are at home she will use the potty a few times a day. If she pees on the floor, she immediately goes to the potty. At night she wakes up to tell us she is wet and get a diaper change. She has never done this before. I suspect, though I’m not convinced, that some of our EC practices are embedded in her subconscious and making potty-training an easier journey for her. I am thrilled that at not-yet 20 months she is making such progress. I prayed for an easier time with Juliana since we are still working with a not-fully-trained (day) and not-at-all-trained (night) Isabel. This has been a struggle with changing my pre-conceived notions about what ages should be reaching different goals-well this issue and others!

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