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November 27, 2006

We are getting some nice big fat snowflakes right now. Unfortunately it isn’t sticking. They are so wet they melt when they hit, but they look lovely coming down.

This year we bought a gingerbread kit from our local chamber of commerce-it is a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. We have it halfway decorated already and we will hopefully finish it today. Then we will enter it for judging on Wednesday. I think I did one long ago when I was a child, but don’t remember clearly, so this has been a rather new experience. The girls have enjoyed coming up with ideas about what food items can be used to create architectural or landscape detail. They came up with good ideas on their own and I helped them come up with others. The first bit of decorating consisted of Isabel asking to eat our components, but then she got into actually helping. I will post pictures after it is completed.

Also on the to-do list for this week is to continue our Christmas card making. We started too late last year and didn’t actually get done, so we got a head start this year and are making good time, so I am confident that they will go out. The girls are really having a lot of fun making them. Their effort is the main star in the card, so look for yours in your mailbox in the coming weeks.

We also attended our local holiday parade on Friday, which was wet, but fun for the girls, our community holiday bazaar on Saturday which was a nice look at local crafters and their wares. There was a lot of mediocre stuff, but a few vendors with some really nice work. Then we had to head down to our favorite independent toy store, Hopscotch. The girls would really stay all day there. I’m glad the owners are our friends and they don’t kick us out for loitering! At the bazaar, Isabel used the last of her money on an ornament for Hopscotch’s proprietor, Linda. Linda is her best friend, along with Adriana. They are her two non-parental favorite people in the whole world.

This weekend we will trek out to our favorite Christmas tree farm and snuff a tree for decorative purposes.

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