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November 22, 2006

I know. I have been neglecting my blog. I haven’t been much more busy than normal. Just more a more introspective season maybe? I will try to improve, but I feel like this is not the best time of year to aim for that sort of goal.

I will share this though. I am getting more gray hairs. Not noticeably so, you really have to search for them. They are there nonetheless and I know they are there, even if everybody else doesn’t. I hate them. The thing is that it isn’t entirely about vanity. I don’t consider myself a vain person. I don’t even wear make-up daily or have nice clothes! I like gray or silver hair on some people. Just not on me. I think I just dislike the idea of aging. Intensely.

Off to design my Thanksgiving menu. This is the first year that we splurged on a free-range, no antibiotic turkey. Tomorrow we will be heading out to our favorite organic growers and choose some delicious produce, which they will pick for us right as we order it. I’m thinking beets for roasting, brussel sprouts for steaming (yes, the girls will eat them-they love them in fact), and a delicata squash. That could change though. If we get there early enough, we may even be able to get some pie pumpkins for a fresh pumpkin pie. That will be an adventure because I have only used canned pumpkin for pies before. We will of course have the requisite stuffing, or I should say dressing since I don’t actually put it in the bird, but dressing doesn’t sound like the dish though. I can only think of dressing for salads. Mashed potatoes and dinner rolls will round it out.

It will only be our little family. Most of our friends have their big family gatherings here or go out of town and our only other local family isn’t coming. Having no extended family for holidays is one thing that I really miss about being so far away from everyone else.

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