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October 24, 2006

Much has occurred since my last post. My oldest child has turned ten. Aargh!! Can it be a whole decade already. This motherhood journey does go quickly. I made a new purse for her because she had been complaining for weeks that her old purse (a crocheted gift from me two or three Christmases ago) was getting too ratty. The following is the new one. It turned out really nice, I think. It is the first purse with a flap I have done. It is a very dark denim, with hot pink topstitching and the strap is a hot pink grosgrain ribbon; the lining is a girly, poodle print. She loves it. I also made a matching coin purse. We went to a fun park/arcade place for her birthday and she brought her best friend and much fun was had.

You can see the pattern in the middle picture and the true color in the last picture.

I am also organizing Maddy’s new and first ever, really, curriculum. It is called Tapestry of Grace and it is going to be a new experience for us, because we have been really relaxed up to this point.

We had a dentist appointment for the girls yesterday and I was crossing my fingers that Isabel didn’t have any more decay because she needed several fillings last time. It is so weird for me because I have and Lawrence does too, very good teeth. I still don’t even have one filling! She didn’t have any new decay, but the tooth that was the worst last time and had to have two fillings, her upper left front tooth, has died. She needs a pulpotomy (basically a root canal for a baby tooth) and then a build-up to fill the hole ($$$). The cheaper option is an extraction, but she could be toothless for about three years on average. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing if she didn’t already have teeth that are very close together. A gap for that long will affect how her permanent tooth comes in and will likely crowd it out with the present space. Hmmpf. So much for a painless dental visit. This is going to be really painful on our wallet, (read: no dental insurance). Maddy’s teeth, at least, were in very good shape, despite her need for braces. Her appointment that was scheduled for next week has been postponed at the orthodonist due the the aforementioned pulpotomy.

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