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October 10, 2006

My lack of posting has been due to my mad dash to catch up on everything that piled up while I was gone. The amount of mail received in one month is simply amazing. Then there are the personal and business accounts to get in order. That’s just the paperwork, not the chores and empty refrigerator. Luckily when we were in NM, we picked up some yummy Tantalizing Taos House Blend coffee from the NM Pinon Coffee Company and it has kept me going. Now, I have seen this company’s coffee many times. How can you miss it when in NM? I had never tried it, however. It is delicious. Lucky for me, one can order it all online. They even have wonderful gift baskets withy tasty combinations. Unlucky for me, we have already finished the only 12oz bag I bought. Back to the regular daily grind. (Sorry, I couldn’t resists the corny pun.)

We haven’t had a frost here yet. That means we have gotten to enjoy some tomatoes and peppers from my garden. I even froze 17 pounds of diced tomatoes to use throughout the winter. I haven’t ever tried this before, so hopefully I didn’t just waste all my time and 17 pounds of beautiful heirloom tomatoes. Hopefully we won’t get a frost for a little longer to allow more tomatoes to ripen and also to allow my chiles and other peppers get a little larger. Then we will roast and freeze some green chiles! We will have our last farmer’s market of the season here and then it will be over until next May. I will miss our weekly treks to the market and seeing our regular vendors and bumping into friends. I seriously wouldn’t mind having a very small fridge and having to go to the market several times during the week. As long as it was a real market and not the supermarket.

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